Stay private, safe and anonymous

The most secure messaging app in the world. SX Messenger uses an asymmetric cryptography algorithm and employs end-to-end encryption to secure all messages!

Scan QR codes

SX Multiple chat options

Support one to one chat, group chats, temporary and anonymous group chats and broadcast.

Exceptionally powerful

Up to 10,000 people can chat, multi-sign-on service receipt, burning after reading, encrypted communication, tree enterprise address book, etc.


Services provided by finance, telecommunications, games, real estate, logistics, media, banking and insurance, institutions and all sectors of society.

HD Video Chat

Supporting video chat, voice phone, voice intercom, video conference and other support real-time video, high concurrency

Terminal Full Coverage

Support IOS, Android, WEB, Windows, MacOS, etc.

Group Chat File Sharing

Support group instant communication, receive and send text, pictures, recordings, videos, etc. It can upload, download, preview and view files.